Importance of Health Gut

Importance of Gut Health at HealologyHealth

When it comes to finding the root of wellness, the answer may lie in your gut. Apart from just telling you when it’s time to lay off the cheeseburgers, your gut plays a pivotal role in boosting brain function, regulating your mood, and keeping you upright. Microbiota, the trillions of bacteria that line your intestines and promote well-being throughout the body, can influence everything from the heart to the immune system and, when not properly maintained, can lead to serious, chronic illness. Here are a few tips to help you do your gut a favor and stay one step ahead of disease and intestinal distress. 

High diversity in your diet can help stave off the discomfort and diseases caused by poor intestinal health, bringing in a wider variety of bacteria and their associated benefits. Certain foods also carry a greater positive impact on your gut than others. Whole grains, for example, break down to release carbohydrates that can stoke the growth of beneficial bacteria and are rich in fiber, a critical, nutrient-and-energy-packed component of your diet. Consuming fermented foods like yogurt increase the presence of these “good” bacteria and can even help to reduce the concentration of more harmful, disease-causing bacteria. It is also a good idea to avoid artificial sweeteners, which can exert a negative impact on your gut bacteria, and, as always, have plenty of fruits and vegetables.     

Beyond dietary solutions, however, there are a number of behavioral and non-medicinal steps you can take to improve the health of your gut. Common gastrointestinal issues like IBS have been linked to stress and may be relieved, at least in part, by something as simple as setting a better schedule for sleep, adjusting your daily routine to give yourself some “breathing room”, and discussing your daily stressors and emotional concerns with someone close to you. 

Creating a healthier you!

HealologyHealth specializes in crafting treatment plans that take into account your individual needs. This includes both broader physiological processes and the unique physical and mental symptoms you experience. Our treatments address a variety of issues, including those (like intestinal distress) that often suggest a natural and emotional imbalance, and we work to look beyond the most obvious symptoms and help you restore your health to its optimal level. Call us at (702) 530-9966 to discuss your health goals and start off on the road to renewed wellness and vitality.