Kicking the Hot Flash out of Menopause

Kicking the Hot Flash out of Menopause at HealologyHealth

So many often ask the question… “Why are so miserable when going through the ‘change’ of pre-menopause and menopause?” But the real question should be… How do we relieve the symptoms and feel better? It is all too often the subtle little things that happen to our bodies, as well as the not so subtle signs. We see changes to our quality of skin with the start of fine lines and increasing wrinkles to our hands, face, and neck. We quickly notice that we are not as interested in sex as we used to be, and when we do have sex, it can sometimes be painful due to vaginal dryness. More importantly, our orgasms are not quite as powerful as they use to be. We learn that Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) and vaginal infections are now more frequent due to the thinning of skin in the vaginal area. Our periods come and go, intensified mood swings, and frequent headaches due to the changes of estrogen.  Not to forget about brain fog, increased weight, and feelings of being tired more than normal, just to name a few.

You may think, “I’m too young to be menopausal!” Women as young as early 30’s can begin to have hormonal imbalances. They can start with weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, and difficulty falling or staying asleep. And later, the not so popular, but all so common hot flashes, that make you feel as if your body is on fire from the inside out. You can sweat profusely, and more often at night, hence less sleep… and it seems to get worse as you age. Waking up in a sweat soaked bed is never pleasant, needless to say for your partner. Let’s think positive and take control of our hormones! But what causes all of this…and how do you fix it?

So, let’s talk about the hormone Estrogen… Estrogen…It’s our key star! It is a chemical messenger and one of the most important hormones in our body with over 400 functions. Estrogen can regulate body temperature, increase metabolism, lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol, and not to mention help maintain muscle, memory, skin, bone density and sexual interest too. 

Did you know that there are actually three different type of estrogens in our body? Estrone, or (E1), is the bad one causing cancer, nobody wants this one. Estradiol, or (E2), is the strongest estrogen inside the body and the one we are generally most familiar with. Estriol, or (E3) is the weakest of the three estrogens, although has been shown to have some anti-cancer properties. When taking estrogen, we should know which one we are taking and no matter what route, it is critical to know the risks, benefits, and alternatives. It is also important to have a skilled healthcare professional who is trained in hormones and who will listen.

Both men and women produce estrogen, although women at a much higher rate than men. Men generally produce more testosterone, while women have little. This small amount of testosterone in women is crucial and supports our sex drive, as well influences stronger orgasms Sadly, this too often dissipates as we age. 

Too LITTLE Estrogen… Too little estrogen may cause symptoms such as joint pain, low energy, dry eyes, and an increase in glucose levels to name a few. Symptoms may also include dizziness, fatigue, tearfulness, urinary incontinence, headaches, and thinner skin and bones. Then we have pain with sex, increased wrinkles, difficulty sleeping, and decreased memory and attention span. Some serious symptoms are heart palpitations, shortness of breath, increased weight around the abdomen and hips, increased blood pressure, and increased cholesterol. That’s plenty!

Low estrogen can also be created by toxins entering our body, sometimes from the food we eat, causing ovarian failure and autoimmune disorders. These are factors we are not always aware of, but are just as problematic. When we fix these problems, the other problems tend to correct themselves. Functional medicine is all about getting to the root of the problem!

Too MUCH Estrogen… Too much Estrogen, also known as Estrogen dominance, can have some of the same side effects. Weight gain, hands and feet are always cold, fibrocystic breasts, and uterine fibroids. Our period, can be heavier than usual and at times irregular. We have increased risk for breast cancer and autoimmune diseases. We have mood swings, poor memory, and we can’t sleep well. At times our hair thins or falls out. None of these are pleasant either!

Now the “How do I fix it” Part… The Secret! Many are searching for the answers to fix these awful problems that not only affect us, but our partners, families and friends. Many have tried without getting very far… now there is a solution to relieve your symptoms and take back control of your life! To start, you must find the right provider who understands. Trust me, I do! Many ask… Does it improve overnight? No, but good things are worth waiting for. This is definitely IS worth the wait! The right FIX is not the same for everyone, and it may take a little tweaking to adjust things for your body needs. Accurate diagnostic testing may include blood, urine, and saliva along with a thorough intake of medical history and symptoms. 

Creating a healthier you!

Do you think your Estrogen is too high or too low? Do you want to see what hormones are not balanced? Leave a comment or ask a question and let me help you. At HealologyHealth, we are good listeners and dedicated in getting it right for you. Contact me or message me for more info.