Kelly Slaughter APRN NP-C ABAAHP

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I have a significant personal and professional interest in anti-aging, functional medicine and even more so for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This dynamic journey focuses on individual holistic health care transforming quality of life. My core strengths and values have led me towards rigorous training in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Metabolic Medical Institute.

The energy to transition from what may best be described as “western medicine” to an alternative method such as functional medicine has its roots in my own experience. I initially launched into this adventure when I began following complementary healthcare for hormone replacement. As a seasoned professional, mostly in emergency and critical care, I had not reached this threshold of change lightly but after experiencing positive results in my own health thanks to the forward-thinking of functional medicine. 

My calling in life is the ability to care for others through my instinctive discipline in the invigorating field of nursing. While maintaining the highest levels of dedication and passion, I accomplished my degree as an Adult-Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner in 2014. I have also fulfilled a Masters in Nursing in 2008 and undergraduate success with dual degrees in Nursing and Health Education in 1999.

Personally, my life has been a journey. Born and raised in Las Vegas, I was vigorously involved in competitive gymnastics during my school years. I transitioned my ambition of health and wellness by lunging into the world of health science as a dental assistant, surgical technician, phlebotomist, and later as an emergency department nurse, charge nurse and educator.

Although no longer a gymnast, I appreciate the importance of an active lifestyle where I enjoy the outdoors, especially when the weather is warm and the beach is close by. I love keeping fit through working out with high intensity interval training, kettle bell classes, and hiking. I adore my beautiful and intelligent cattle dogs, Qamea and Ziggy. I am an avid animal lover and embrace them running the house.

I am a very self-sufficient, professional and strong woman who cares deeply about others and their health. Loyalty, honesty and accountability are core characteristics I choose to live by in both my personal and professional experiences. 

Having experienced for myself how a personalized approach is ideal, I whole-heartedly believe that functional medicine is essential to the future of whole body health and well-being. I am enthusiastic to jointly design a treatment plan for you creating a surge in quality of health and life through functional medicine.

Our Purpose

As a result of my values, education, and experience:
my commitment to you is to deliver quality care by providing an individualized health experience. I engage in a forward-thinking methodology for achieving strength, focus, and vitality for maximized lifestyle and well-being.

Healthy is not a goal
It is a way of living
Worry less, laugh more
Exercise daily
Exercise to be fit, not skinny
Get strong, stay strong
LOVE yourself
LOVE your body

Put in time, make sacrifices
Avoid temptation
Make goals, reach goals
Do not expect it to be easy
Healthy is hard
Healthy is happiness
Be better, live better
For this journey in life
Grab your confidante
Create your journey



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